Feathering Our Nest

July 23, 2012
Fiber bird's nest with Moonstone eggs

In February of 2011 I blogged about this fiber artist I'd found through the One World One Heart blog carnival.  I want to share the one that made it my way!  

I fell in love with Vicki's fiber birds' nests that are so popular she takes advance orders for the different seasons.  The only one open at the time was for Spring 2012.  I jumped and put my name on her list.  She can't tell you what colors she's going to choose since she hasn't even shopped for the fibers when you sign up.  I thought with her color sense I'd find a place for it somewhere in our home.

(You'll want to check out Vicki's 2 Bags Full blog as it's filled with her travels, beautiful photo shoots and fiber work.  She was recently featured in the most recent issue of Romantic Country!)

Fiber nature inspired bird's nest displayed

Meanwhile my husband and I picked out colors and had almost our whole house repainted since the pea soup green that covered almost every wall, including the garage (!), had to go.

This Spring my nest arrived and I couldn't believe the palette!  I suspected that it was going to be perfect for our freshly painted place and I thought I knew the perfect spot to put it.  On the upstairs landing there was a small window that overlooked the stairway below.


Nature Inspired home decorating

By the way, Vicki blogged about her Spring nests in this post.

Three of my collection of moonstone eggs found their way into my new nest.  I found after placing the nest in its inside window that I had to find a Momma bird to watch over the eggs.  Today I found an adorable couple at our local Ben Franklin.  Yes, we have a filled to the brim Ben Franklin!

Indoor bird's nest with birds

Have you feathered your nest with handmade finds?  I'd love to see!