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One of the delights of our home on the Olympic Peninsula were the number of flowering plants the previous owners planted that were in my favorite color.  I now know that no matter where we live I'll have to go find these plants and surround our home with them.  It makes that early morning walk to get the paper a leisurely stroll even in the cold or slightly wet. 


I like to check how each one is doing as to not miss a single bloom. 


There's a large patch of tall lupine on our road that smells so sweet you just know you're going to find honeybees.  They're a member of the pea family, like sweetpeas, and in the Pacific Northwest they're everywhere.  In the mountains they're not quite as tall as these that have gotten lots of water all Spring. 


I tried my best to capture one of the honeybees on film, but they don't stay long at each blossom.  They're fascinating to watch as they go to one stem and start at the bottom and go counter-clockwise up the stem to not miss a single dip.


Thank you for sharing those

Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos of flowers in periwinkle and purple!I love wildflowers, and my favorite color is purple. My blog name and shop names pay tribute to my home state flower, the pasqueflower.LeAnn aka pasqueflower

Your flowers are just

Your flowers are just beautiful! I love this time of year when there are flowers everywhere!

The pasqueflower is a

The pasqueflower is a wildflower.It blooms early in the Spring.It is the South Dakota state flower. One of my favorites!

What gorgeous colors, I can

What gorgeous colors, I can see why they're a favorite! I've got lupine flowering in my front garden right now, so pretty. :) That top photo is my favorite, although they're all quite lovely. :)

Love those last two shots

Love those last two shots Janet, awesomeness! : )

What is the name of that bell

What is the name of that bell flower? (Third picture down)

It's called ladybell or

It's called ladybell or Adenophora Liliifolia.

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