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Leather barbed wire by Honey from the Bee

I'm not a farmer's daughter, but I did grow up on 40 acres in Virginia out in cattle country.  There's something about driving through America's farmland that gives me a sense of freedom and pride of country.

One of a Kind Barbed Wire necklace by Honey from the Bee

Farmer's Daughter (sold)

There was something about this great lampwork bead from Johanna of Canyon Echoes that spoke to me.  I had a couple of ideas, but the one that really got me excited was to make a barbed wire necklace to go with it. 

How to make it comfortable though??I woke up one morning with one of those duh! or aha! moments:  of course, leather!The Thai Silver charm at the bottom is representative of a cow bell and softens up the overall rustic but very cool look I think.

Cow bell artisan necklace by Honey from the Bee

I loved working on this piece and hope that whomever it strikes a chord with is also rather fond of our local farms and rural lands.


Great idea with the leather -

Great idea with the leather - I love the stories that go into your jewelry!!

It does look amazingly like

It does look amazingly like barbed wire, at first glance I thought it was! :)

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