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On any given day you'll find some of the most elaborate costumes being worn by street performers on Barcelona's famous La Rambla.  Of all the places around the world I think our favorite street for walking and picking up on the flavor of a place is La Rambla.  You can't beat it for people watching, strolling and eating.

Happy Halloween!


great halloween pics!i miss

great halloween pics!i miss it being over here in the philippines! lolbestjeremy

These are some very elaborate

These are some very elaborate costumes. I love the creativity.

Wow, so many great costumes!

Wow, so many great costumes! Perfect post for today.

I am loving your blog. I am

I am loving your blog. I am here from New End Studio and love your Barcelona and France pics. We were in South of France in Chatenaeuf du pape and Barcelona (along with Italy) last August 2010 and it was a dream trip, I loved all your pictures because it brought back some wonderful memories of our 3 weeks in Paradise!

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