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Tara and me at the Triton Museum of Art (photo by Tara Linda)

It's easy to feel lost on Etsy since there are so many shops.  One wonders if you're standing out amongst the crowd.  Imagine my delight when another seller on Etsy comes to my booth at my recent art show, browses my table, and says she knows me, has seen my work, loves my work....  Delighted!
Tara Linda has such a presence.  She's adorable and has a positive energy that is palpable.  She's a musician who writes her own music as well as has her own Etsy shop with colorful artisan jewelry.  I can't wait to hear her at a local venue, because I'm in love with her voice and style.
Her music is like old west meets folk meets jazz... maybe not all in one song!  Can't you imagine this song in a western starring Johnny Depp?  (You know you'd see him in anything!)

Tara's sister Jaya is an oh so talented painter so read her post about the show to see her sister's work and then weave your way to Tara's music samples along the right hand side to go to her album and more samples.
The other visitor I had from Etsy was a fellow member of the UWIB (Unique Women in Business) team.  We're all over the world so to put a face on to the many email and Etsy conversations we've had was awesome. I didn't get a photo of Judy and me, but we had a good long talk so I'd recognize her anywhere now.  : )  Judy's Etsy shop is called Wellspring Creations and is filled with original work primarily of beautiful stones and wirework like this cuff on Etsy.
Judy is such a helpful strong woman whose friendship I value.  Even with busy lives I'm sure we'll meet up again.  It's not just beads and stones we have in common after all.


Can you tell that this is

Can you tell that this is towards the end of the day? Tara looks so fresh and I look like I need to fluff my hair and a glass of wine. : )

How fun Janet, and what a

How fun Janet, and what a small world! And YES, a Johnny Depp Western, lol! Perfect!Now, I have heard this somewhere, before! love it....

How awesome to get to connect

How awesome to get to connect with a couple Etsians in person! They both sound really interesting.

To meet in person is so cool,

To meet in person is so cool, Janet!I love your frame earring displays! They're fabulous!I thought you look great, but a glass of wine, now that is a good thing at the end of a selling day!I'll go over to those sites now.Thanks for sharing this!

That's a great story! I love

That's a great story! I love meeting fellow etsians. It's so hard because we're used to interacting solely online, but when you find a local group, it's great!

What a neat experience to

What a neat experience to meet another Etsy seller live and in the flesh!!

How great to meet fellow

How great to meet fellow Etsians at a show...and to have them recognize your work!I was at a show recently and saw that one of the banners had an Etsy address on it, so I struck up a conversation and the friend with me ended up buying two pair of earrings from her :) I also got some great info on upcoming shows in the area!

What a great experience!!

What a great experience!! It's awesome to be recognized from your work:) You deserved this day my friend:)Nancy Pace

You have done a great job

You have done a great job with these beads.A very sophisticated yet simple look with the bracelet is captivating.Like your designs.

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