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Breast Cancer awareness earrings

Too many... too MANY...  TOO many... TOO MANY women face cancer.  But more and more are surviving and thriving!  I don't think any of us can get through life without being touched in some way by these brave women. Putting a smile on women going through chemotherapy for any type of cancer is the goal of Ears to You, a non-profit corporation.  How do they do it?  With Earrings!

In their words:

These earrings:
  • brighten a woman's day when she needs a little lift
  • create a distraction from the IV's, worries and fears and allow her to do something fun  
  • help a woman feel more "normal" and beautiful at a time whenshe's adjusting to her hair loss 
  • provide hope about her situation and help her think positively 
  • give encouragement from someone who has been there        
  • are provided at no cost to the patient and donated WHILE she isreceiving her chemo treatment

As happens often in our community of jewelry artisans, when someone sees an opportunity to spread joy with their work someone steps up to organize a blog hop.  Amy of Copperdiem  does a lot of charitable works in the name of her beadwork and is sponsoring this blog hop where those participating design 3 pairs of earrings for this wonderful cause.  Having had good friends and family members go through chemotherapy I know how much these earrings gifts are going to mean to those that receive them.  I had fun designing them.  Actually I felt real joy when creating them!  I am so happy that mine will be worn by three fighters!!

Ones that really make me smile are these I've named:  Hey, Look up Here!   Specifically designed for someone going through breast cancer treatments.  I don't think Meital had any idea that her lampwork beads would be used in this way.  Frankly I didn't either!  But they're perfect, aren't they?  (Definitely for someone with a sense of humor and fun!)

Breast Cancer awareness earrings

Lampwork by Meital; Vintage plastic spike, glass, sequin; Niobium earwires

(I liked these so much I created 2 more for my shop! One with the hot pink daggers and one with a deep sky blue pair of vintage daggers.) The next pair is for one who loves to feel feminine.  I call them Be Gentle with Yourself.  Take care of yourself by giving yourself time to heal.

Vintage Cloisonne, Swarovski crystal, glass; Niobium earwires

Lastly is a pair of earrings for the fighter with an edge to them and are called Fight Club.  The one who from practically day one said tell me everything.  Tell me what I have to do.  Let's get started!

Ceramic Shards from Naos Glass; glass, bronze wire, Niobium Earwires

(I think I've got the parts to make a few more of these Fight Club ones, too.)

If you would like to get involved there are many ways to participate.  You don't have to make earrings.  You can donate new earrings from any source as long as they are lead and nickel-free.  You can also donate money.  Check out Ears to You's website for more information.

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I love how you gave them all

I love how you gave them all names with description. It sure put a smile on my face and I know it will for the recipient too! Very pretty, all of them.

I absolutely love how you

I absolutely love how you named each of these pairs for different cancer reactions. These earrings are stunners.

This is such a great idea and

This is such a great idea and a great cause! Thanks for blogging about this and sharing the info...I'm off to check it out!I love that first pair of pink earrings! But I love the idea behind the Fight Club earrings...that would be me if I had fight :)

Beautiful! I love the bright

Beautiful! I love the bright and happy of the first pair best.

Beautiful earrings for a very

Beautiful earrings for a very worthy cause. I love all the earrings you made, and I love how you chose such appropriat names.

You always create nothing but

You always create nothing but sheer beauty! These are each absolutely perfect and gorgeous and strong. You completely bring the smile to anyone who looks at and wears your pieces. Unfortunately, the wearers of these are in battle, but they will look damn good while they are fighting and forever after.

Wonderful - each pair!

Wonderful - each pair! feminine, sparkly .. just what is needed to make someone feel pretty! Absolutely LOVE your fight club pair (seriously awesome name)...they are stunning

All three pair are just

All three pair are just beautiful- and, I LOVE THE NAMES YOU GAVE THE EARRINGS! Gorgeous!

Beautiful earrings and their

Beautiful earrings and their titles say so much.

I love how unique and

I love how unique and different each one was. And such pretty beads you used!! Thanks so much for being a part of the hop!

These are awesome! And I love

These are awesome! And I love the names you have given each pair with a different theme to each one. So much thought put into these. They will be cherished by whomever receives them.

Wow, your designs beautiful

Wow, your designs beautiful and each very unique... They will be so treasured.Thanks for commenting on my blog! I appreciate it! So happy to be a part of this hop with you! I love how you thought to add that the readers can donate too! Super cool!:) Kris

Those are beautiful! LOVE the

Those are beautiful! LOVE the first pair (Hey, Look up Here) so pretty!Maria

Beautiful - love all the

Beautiful - love all the colors!

It's so great that Amy spread

It's so great that Amy spread the word and got so many donations together for this great organization. I know that all of the recipients will enjoy your beautiful earrings.

such a great idea! (here

such a great idea! (here from Antiquity Travelers)

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