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Bald Eagles in tree

I'm enjoying today's blue skies and calm water.  We've had a lot of wind the last few days and it's been just barely breaking 50 degrees.  Today it felt much warmer without the wind, but last I looked around noon, it was still only 51!

Oh well, it seemed to be the perfect weather for the Bald Eagles that have given us quite a show the last couple of weeks.  There's a juvenile, too, that's large, but doesn't have its white feathers yet.  These two have been on and off these trees next to our property so they've either already got a nest or are scoping it out.  They like to nest in the tall Douglas Firs and these also give them a great view of the Strait.  

Bald Eagle on top of tree
Bald Eagle in tree

In this week's Beyond Layers class with Kim Klassen she challenged us to take photos of anything that shines light into our lives.  All week I've been aware of living things that open my eyes a little wider, fill my heart with joy, and give me goose bumps.  Surely those things are lighting up my life!  Certainly my husband does those things, as do my dogs.  And I am ever grateful to have them in my life.  But there were living things I encountered less often that really make my heart fill with wonder and make my eyes tear up with the beauty and grace of the moment.

There were two young does that decided to lie down in the tall grass of our neighbor's yard.  They peacefully watched me take photos of them and a photo of them will likely make an appearance at some point.

However, it's been the Bald Eagles that we were hoping to see again that have been diving, chattering and just being so darn proud and beautiful that I can hardly stand it that made it in today's post.

Bald Eagle photo with quote
Day 32 of 


Janet, How incredibly luck

Janet, How incredibly luck you are to have these majestic creatures perform for you in you backyard! I only get to watch them on the Decorah, Iowa ustream and the webcams. I watch intensely everday. Have seen the eggs layed to hatched to fledging! I love it. (and I have to admit I am a good way) :))))) PS: I loved your article!

Great eagle shots! I love

Great eagle shots! I love the message to go with it, too.

Such fabulous shots! It's

Such fabulous shots! It's amazing that a bird that large can sit in the very tiptop of a tree. Eagles are so majestic -- you're very lucky to be able to see them so close up.

Wow! What an incredible

Wow! What an incredible thing to see! Amazing! Beautiful photos, indeed.

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