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One of the pieces I just finished is my Strength Necklace or Dogwood Necklace.
Dogwood Necklace
The last few months have been trying for me at times, but the last couple of weeks especially so as stuff I thought I'd gotten past many years ago came back to haunt my quiet moments.  My troubles aren't unique and I've read numerous Facebook and blog posts recently that spoke of others' pain.  Part of the way I decided to handle it was to plan the quiet moments for reflection and grief.  If I just sat and waited for it to pass, it didn't.   In fact it would start snowballing and spinning in my head.
By setting aside time I could then use the rest of the time for doing something positive to relieve the stress which included doing anything I could to make things easier for those involved as well as taking time to create!  
Most of us know the significance the Christian faith has put on this small beautiful tree, but there's also a usefulness beyond its beauty and Christian symbolism.
The dogwood is extremely dense and strong.  It has been used through the millennia for arrows and crossbows.  It has also been used for loom shuttles and golf clubs.  It's this ying-yang, black white, and dark light imagery that inspired my necklace.
One of the reasons women are the stronger sex, I believe, is because we seem to be better able to balance the darkness and lightness in our lives.  We seek understanding and relief of pain for all involved.
I leave you with an image I took yesterday of a Bald Eagle soaring into the wild blue yonder.  I felt my spirits lift as she soared by.
Bald Eagle in flight.


A beautiful piece!! I love

A beautiful piece!! I love the symbolism in the beads you used. I'm so impressed that even in your grief you seek to help others.

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