Ding Dong, Frog Lampwork Calling

May 08, 2012

Lampwork beads by Meital for stash building

Yes, sister-in-law, I went back and got the frog bead, too!

I love getting mailold-fashioned snail mail that is.  If the doorbell rings it's even better, because it couldn't all fit in the mailbox!It turns out that it was a package for my husband that wouldn't fit, but when I saw the small fat padded envelope from Israel I grabbed it and ran back to my packed studio to savor the opening.  Packed as in filled with moving boxes...

Lampwork always looks better in person than on a monitor, as the colors become more radiant and subtle colors show up, so believe me when I tell you her color sense is lively and fun!  I've been an admirer of Meital's lampwork (Plotnik Glass) for some time.  I had resisted buying new lampwork for oh, maybe 8 months, but with all my beads packed for so long the temptation to hold some new pretties in my hand was just too much.

Meital mystery packaging for beads

Well, actually the extra push was from Meital herself when she offered FREE Mystery Packages with some of her listings.  I LOVE surprises!  If you could buy a mystery package from someone who creates such amazing unique beads wouldn't you do it in a minute?  When you can select some AND get a free mystery surprise with it, all the better!

Meital mystery package of lampwork beads

The packaging was part of the fun, too.  She'd wrapped my purchases in brown paper and tied with string.  It reminded me of the way clothing purchases were handed to you in the 20's or as I imagine they were from watching HBO's Boardwalk Empire!  The Mystery Packages were also in small brown bundles but included a Priority Stamp which made them all the more special I think.

Meital lampwork beads

Each little bundle included a ring (wearable or for a toggle maybe?), a marble (!) and a tiny adorable vase.  Each one completely different than the other. I love marbles and have a huge collection I "inherited" from my husband's childhood.  These don't have the patina from being played with on pavement, so I think I'll keep them in my bead drawer for a future jewelry piece.

I noticed today that Meital is offering a free print of her lovely beads in her Etsy shop when you spend $40.  If you are on Facebook you might want to "like" her business page so you see what she's up to and hear about specials she's running.I think I'll leave these on my desk for a couple more days before safely slipping them into a box I'll hand carry.