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I absolutely love my time in my studio designing, bending, hammering, drilling, squeezing, threading, etc., but it's not what I do to relax.  When I'm working on a piece of jewelry it takes all of my focus and attention.  It's why time flies and it's dinner time before I've even started thinking about preparing it! My favorite form of relaxation is working with fiber whether it's knitting, weaving or crocheting.  The whole process is fun to me from picking out a pattern and finding the perfect yarn to sitting and clicking my needles. 

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It's social.  I can knit and visit with girlfriends or, as more often than not, sit and watch the TV with my hubby and just wind down the day with him.  The soft and textured yarns feel good in my hands.  I'm always fascinated with the patterns a variegated yarn will make. 

It always gives me a great sense of satisfaction and wonder when a bag of yarn is transformed into something wearable or something warm for one's shoulders or lap.  Sort of like a recipe where you have a bag or two of groceries and they all get used up in one dish, except at a much slower pace!

Click on photo to go to website that has kits in SO many gorgeous colorways!

We all need a break from work, world events and our adult responsibilities. 

What do you do to relax?


You might know the answer to

You might know the answer to this!!Take pictures or go to the beach, or go to the beach AND take pictures!!Knitting is something I do not know how to do so I'm intrigued by the making of yarn into a garment!!

I started knitting a couple

I started knitting a couple of years ago, and it is one of my main ways to relax. After working with sharp glass, it is such a relief to handle soft fiber, and the rhythm of knitting is very meditative. I also walk to relax, which also has a rhythm that soothes me.

Margaret - I can imagine how

Margaret - I can imagine how wonderful the fiber feels after working with sharp glass! I miss walking like I did in my youth with no one beside me to interrupt my thoughts! Now when I walk I take my dog and am having to tug him and keep him from chasing birds. I'm going to have to think of a place I can walk again just by myself. That is sounding very appealing.

I'm right there with you - if

I'm right there with you - if I can knit or crochet or do some sewing - then I'm instantly relaxed.If that fails, a glass of wine does the trick.

LOL! or both!

LOL! or both!

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