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Last Saturday I participated in the Opulent Art Show held in sunny Sequim, WA.  Sequim is better known as the lavender capital of the world, but for those that don't live in the greater northern Olympic Peninsula area: we're also a hot bed of creativity.  Amazing artists of all ilks live and create here.  How can one not be inspired with all the natural beauty that surrounds us, from the sea to the snow-capped mountains?

This year's show (and hopefully every one hereafter!) was held at The Cutting Garden.  When you drive off on to the gravel road you know you're going to somewhere special or are just lost.  Happily, if you saw the sign at the beginning of the Dahlia Llama Road you know you're not lost!  The backdrop to a gorgeous cutting garden are the still snowcapped Olympic Mountains of the Olympic National Park. 

Picture this:  you're surrounded by flowers and weed free green lawns and landscaping.  A yellow farmhouse with a wrap-around porch sits proudly overseeing the event.  The smells of grilled portabella mushrooms and fresh local salmon awaken your appetite.  Freshly made Belgian chocolates and a wonderful wine selection tease you into submission.  The best part though??

A juried selection of artists that make shopping for something unique and special an interesting, fun and perfect Art Show experience.  You'll find artists in the house, on the covered porch, individual tents and under a large tent that also features live music. 

Honey from the Bee Artisan jewelry booth

The Opulent Art Show thought of all your senses!

You won't want to miss this show next year.  I know I won't!  If on Facebook, you can become a fan of the Opulent Art Show or my Honey from the Bee fan page, as we'll both be posting updates early next year .


Ooo! Thanks for painting such

Ooo! Thanks for painting such a beautiful word picture. I wish I could have gone and saw it myself...and had some of that opulent chocolate! :-))

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