D is for the Dogs #atozchallenge

April 04, 2013
Dog in Barcelona

Perro in Barcelona

I don't know if it's me missing mine or just that there is something about just the connection I have with dogs in general, but I find in sorting through my travel photos that I take a lot of photos of dogs.  


Dog in Turkey

Kopek in Kusadasi, Turkey


Dog in Bulgaria

Shepherd dog in Bulgaria


Outdoor cafe

Serbian Hound (pretty sure!) seen in Novi Sad, Serbia


There were quite a few well loved skilos (dogs) in Santorini.  They played freely with each other and then lay willy nilly in the square for one of their many naps.


Dog in Santorini

See her plump red heart charm?

Dog in Santorini

Old dog in Santorini

Doesn't he remind you of an old Greek man?


Kayaking in Canada


And when I couldn't find live ones...

Bronze dog in Budapest

Kutya in Budapest


Towel Bulldog



"Dogs invite us not only to share their joy but also to live in the moment, where we are neither proceeding from nor moving toward, where the enchantment of the past and future cannot distract us, where a freedom from practical desire and a cessation of our usual ceaseless actionallows us to recognize the truth of our existence, the reality of our world and purpose -- if we dare."  Dean Koontz, Brother Odd