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Being a princess conjurs up an image of being high maintenance, enough to scare off many a man.  But the reality is that many of us that are easy to please and are, for lack of a better word, non-demanding, still want to be treated like a princess or queen once in awhile.  And that goes for women that aren't paired up, too! Looking for a bunco gift?  This Petite Crown (SOLD) fits the budget and will be much desired.

A Princess Crown as a gift for yourself or a much loved niece?  Currently available in a dark rose and pink combo (SOLD), too. 

Princess Crown earrings by Honey from the Bee

The royal treatment could commence with these Queen Crowns.

The Byzantine Crown reminds me of the amazing colors found in the orthodox churches of Bulgaria:  dark teal and golds predominate.

Byzantine Crown earrings by Honey from the Bee

and finally the Bridal Crown (SOLD) always walks down the runway last

Bridal Crown earrings by Honey from the Bee

I call this collection "Crowns for the Contented" to show gratitude to my husband who after 20 years still has a sparkle in his eye when he sees the young woman he fell in love with.  Happy Anniversary honey bunny!


Very beautiful new line.

Very beautiful new line. Found you from Tamdoll's Crown challenge.

They are all so pretty!Happy

They are all so pretty!Happy Anniversary!

Thanks again for entering

Thanks again for entering this! I put a picture and link up here -

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