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Our recent county fair sort of drove the point home that we're still not one of the Clallam masses.  We've had folks look at us a little funny when they hear we don't own a tractor.  We're getting the feeling that to really be considered a local (or one of them) one has to own one.  It doesn't matter if you ever drive it, but tinkering with it is apparently a must.  I've tried to explain that I have driven one before in my youth, but with no photographic proof they think I'm just desperate.

To really get some of the old-timers here to talk to you, the older the wheels the better.  This one won't do, as it's just too gray.

Maybe if we started with a real rough one and tinkered from the ground up we'd get some respect?


It's too bad that our tastes really run more to this:


We have any number of

We have any number of tractors - even the old John Deere. DH always thinks he needs another!So I guess we would fit right in :D

I just realized that I never

I just realized that I never commented when I joined your blog!!! Duh!...I wanted to tell you that my childhood was spent on a farm when I was a kid in Georgia and we used to ride the tractor around, when it wasn't harvest time of course, just for fun!! We'd even drive it down to the lake because it didn't matter if we sat on it wet coming back!! ^_^ Oh, the memories!!

With so few of our children

With so few of our children experiencing the farm life, they just don't know what they're missing! Thankfully there are more and more family farms sprouting with the local movement. We three kids got our first driving experiences on our red tractor. Love the sound of the tractor engine... the great big tires... the seat that was a bit big, but designed to fit the butt! ; )

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