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I never played pool growing up, but we played a lot of board games and cards.  Each of us played to win and for the most part we were gracious winners.  I've met many that just hate games and I'm guessing it's due to how earnest we game players can be.  For me joining in was a way to be part of the fun, but I'll admit if it's a game I'm not good at I'll avoid it.

As luck and fortune would have it I married in to a very competitive game playing family.  I realized how I was in a new league when early on my husband and I enjoyed playing against each other and our personalities started to let's say out themselves.  I think I'd only known him less than a couple months when he taught me cribbage and told me one of the rules was Muggins where if your opponent miscounts their points you can yell "Muggins" and take those missed points.  He didn't wait long before he started taking them which I thought very unfair since he's known for his freaky in his head math skills and I was still struggling to figure out what four cards to keep.  Then we go play golf and he's telling me about Mulligans as he moves his ball from the rough to a better lie.  It wasn't until we were playing Risk and I was winning (my brothers will tell you that NEVER happens) and I was getting more and more excited that he yelled "harakiri" and upended the board and all the pieces flew that I questioned his honesty and sportsmanship.  It took some convincing for me to find out 2 out of the 3 were legitimate tactics. 

I know it's true love, because nearly 30 years ago he agreed to never take Muggins from me and offers me a Mulligan during pool.  


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Rock it to Me

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Now one of our favorite home dates is to play a round of pool and cribbage.  We go on streaks winning and losing.  However, if you listened in you'd hear lots of laughter, but also might think we were a couple of whiners and poor losers, but it's just the way we roll.


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It's All About the Angles

Billiard ball slice


"Losing feels worse than

winning feels good."  Vin Scully



You know it's true love when someone pulls that "harakiri" nonsense and you marry him anyway! Bless your long and loving marriage!

harakiri! yes!

I definitely Americanized the phrase. :-) Thanks Paula. To know a Bocciardi is to love a Bocciardi.

This post screamed to me in a

This post screamed to me in a laughing way! I was drawn to it by those supercool poolball slices! Truly wonderful!

But the gaming...I was taught cribbage by my Grandpa who didn't care how young or new I was to the game ~ Muggins tickled him so! I was much more of a polite player and the rare times he ever missed a count, I would point it out to him and allow him to keep his points. It's cards. I play to win, but I also have the back of my opponent. My Gram taught me other tile and card games. No one else in the family played. But when I married, my husband and his family play games. Thankfully, he plays the way I do, but the rest of his clan is cutthroat as well as harakiri types. Dave and I play games every night of the week in winter. I am good, but he is better. It is rare I beat him. I stay off the golf course...for the sake of our marriage.

I grew up with a pool table in my basement and I played every single day. I was good! My first week dating my first college boyfriend, I asked if he wanted to go shoot pool. I was feeling cocky and confident (totally not my nature) and I wanted to WOW him with my pool skills. We start playing and the balls are bouncing everywhere and I was so confused and of course I lost. I called my Dad later that night and said, "They have real weird pool tables here. The balls BOUNCE off the sides. I couldn't sink anything. I was so embarrassed after telling my date how good I am at pool." My Dad has a great sense of humor but isn't one to laugh too often. He was hysterical and it took him a full minute to compose himself to say, "That is a normal pool table. The one we have is a dead table. The bumpers are dead. It was a freebie. You learned on a dead table." I told him that would have been something he should have told me before he sent me out into the world!

dead table?

I've never heard of that! Hilarious looking back, but I'm sure it wasn't at the time... especially at that age. Again I am reminded why it would be so awesome to live near you two! It would be so fun to share our love of games, water, and Manhattans!

My Grandpa taught us to play pinochle. I think that's going to be a post some day, as it reminds me of what a special relationship he had with his grandkids. This is a peek:

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