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A client recently contacted me with a request that touched my heart.  She'd received an opera length strand of pearls many years ago from her husband and found that she didn't wear it much due to its length.  These are gorgeous creamy white round pearls that had been hand-selected for matching size.  She had learned to re-string and knot the pearls on silk and made herself a necklace a length she could wear more frequently.  That left her with a bag of pearls. This client has two boys in college, both handsome and bright.  She knows the time will come when her life will take on yet another role of mother-in-law.  Her family and the sense of family means a lot to her.  The family she had around her as a child loved her, but she always longed for the mother she never really had. She decided she wanted me to create two classic silk-tied bracelets from the pearls leftover.  It will be a piece of her that she gives to her future daughter-in-laws as a gift from her heart.

Being a mother-in-law is tough I bet.  But this is one that's going in with open arms and bearing gifts! 


How lovely. So nice that you

How lovely. So nice that you could help her create a new family heirloom.

What a lovely lady, and what

What a lovely lady, and what a privilige to be part of her plans...The bracelets look beautiful.

What a lovely story...and how

What a lovely story...and how wonderful that you get to play a part in it :o) Isn't it nice to know that those future daughters-in-law will have such a warm welcome into the family?Smiles, Karen

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