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Artisan Pendant

Wind Dancer (SOLD)

(glass cab by Mikelene Reuss)


Before Pandora charm bracelets there were way cooler charm bracelets.  Some were gold, but many were sterling silver.  When I was a teenager I received mine with a couple charms.  Over the years I collected more and more from places I visited like a Mickey Mouse charm from Disney World and a Cypress tree from Carmel, a clarinet because I played it, knitting charm, and of course a bee.  I stopped wearing the bracelet quite a few years ago, but I've never stopped collecting charms.  I especially like finding vintage ones that articulate.

They tell a story about my life and interests.  I absolutely love how a small charm can give a hint to something very personal about a person.  And you know I love that!

So I've started to look through my charms for inspiration in creating new jewelry pieces.  I suspect this will be an ongoing project, because I don't plan on stopping the hunt for new ones.


Artisan Pendant

Turning Towards the Sun

Fossilized Coral Agate, Sterling Silver


Do you have a charm bracelet?  When was the last time you looked at it?

  If anyone is interested I'd be happy to create a piece of jewelry you'll wear using a loved charm.  Start the conversation by contacting me here.


Artisan Pendant


Fossilized Coral Agate, Sterling Silver, basket opens to a tiny lucky penny!


"Symbols are the imaginative signposts of life."  Margot Asquith


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