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Globe Chandelier Earrings

Globe Chandelier Earrings - SOLD

 I've been tearing out photos of chandeliers from home decorating magazines for years.  I thought that some day I'd do a series of earrings based on them.  Rather than wait and do a series I took a recent dining room layout that caught my eye and ran with it.
This first pair is quite literal as you can see below from the inspiration.

Globe Chandeliers in dining room

Chandlier Pendants from Remains Lighting

This next pair were also inspired by this pair of pendants, but without the chain and with an added crystal drop.

Chandelier Earrings

Through the Looking Glass

Has something been inspiring you, but you're still waiting to take it somewhere?  What's stopping you?  For me the answer was to just do it.  It was fun and satisfying to realize the dream.


i am blown away by how

i am blown away by how literal you translated those lights! beautiful in their simple elegance.

What a great idea for

What a great idea for inspiration...both pair are gorgeous! I love how the first pair looks just like the photo!





I loved seeing what inspired

I loved seeing what inspired you to make such lovely earrings :)

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