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Where some may see bat ears when given black howlite spikes, I saw bee stingers!  Bees are my story.
Howlite Spike Artisan Necklace
Cynthia of Antiquity Travelers found these black and white howlite spikes and decided to torture invite her beading friends to participate in a hop using the spikes as the challenge component.
I first thought about doing a cuff with a bee tile centerpiece, but I just couldn't get excited about it.  I still may do it, as I think it would be pretty cool, but for now it's a resting idea.
Instead, after tossing them in the corner of my work table, I ran with the bee idea in a different direction.  The spikes landed next to one of Lorelei Eurto's Tin Snippets and I figured it was fate.
Honey Bee Artisan Necklace
In another flight of fancy, last summer I'd placed a pressed flower and the brass hexagon beads with a vintage French crystal in a bezel and set it on the table, too.  I was going to cover it in resin some day.  So thanks to Cynthia I cleaned up some of the bits on my work table and created this new statement piece for myself:
Honey Bee Statement Necklace
One of the cells drifted a bit during the resin-ating process, but I think that adds to the story.  The story of the plight of the honeybee.
Wait there's one more creation!!!  Cynthia also gave us white spikes if we wanted them.  I foolishly asked for both, but I finally in the nick of time came up with a design that makes me happy. 

Red and Turquoise Boho style earrings

My Circus

Fairy Flowers by Mermaid Glass

Lampwork bead by Pink Beach Studios

I named these after a Polish Proverb that's making the rounds on Pinterest and Facebook:

Every time you feel yourself getting pulled into other people's nonsense, repeat these words.

Thank you Cynthia for challenging me and including me in this fun hop.  Ignore my whining, I am blessed to have you and the rest of the bead posse in my friends online loop.  I look forward to the day we'll change that to just friends.  I've got a couple of interesting items for us to play with next.  Mwa haha!
Here are the Break from Tradition blog hoppers:
Christine (One Kiss Creations)
Janet (Honey from the Bee) - You are here!


Hi Janet,I love your necklace

Hi Janet,I love your necklace and the theme it represents it is beautifully awesome! The earring are so cute and playful! I hope that one day we can just call each other friends as well and not just online friends. You have my curiosity up now about the mystery components.Therese


HOLY ALPHABET SOUP! You totally turned these crazy spikes into an elegant necklace! Man that is cool! I love the striking black with the gold of the bee ... letting that cutie be the star. This is a "Honey from the Bee" original if I ever saw it! I would love to see this one on.And there are those great earrings you were teasing us with! They are just so much fun, and that saying - I was rolling this last week when I read that on FB. LOVE that saying and will be using it often (because I have many occasions where it applies of course). I really love what you did with these, and just can not believe how you made working with these spikes seem so easy (which we know they are not!) Well done!Thank you so much for playing along with another one of my crazy challenges. And now you have me wondering what you have up your sleeve next? I do have so much fun with this bead posse, and know that we will meet one day and it will be as you say ... as just good friends. Amazing the connections we make in this blogosphere.

Each blog post regarding

Each blog post regarding these beads has left me giggling! I could not have rallied to the task of using these beauties, that is for sure!That necklace is quite the stunner - and the pendant, with that lampwork, is gorgeous!

I love both of your designs.

I love both of your designs. Spikes just become cool designs. I love the bee necklace but the pendant is fantastic with the lampwork.

Great take on this challenge!

Great take on this challenge! I love how you incorporated bees with the spikes. And I love the white spike earrings!That saying cracks me up every time I see it :)

The spikes gathered the bits

The spikes gathered the bits and pieces of your bead table and turned them into one beautiful necklace. What a gorgeous work of art. Wow!And the earrings ~ the peek you gave on FB took my breath away. The sway, the colors, the circus ~ the power and reminder they can give you when you wear them. Absolutely fantastic!

Love those earrings - wowsers

Love those earrings - wowsers are those cool!! And your necklace designs is fantastic as well. I've enjoyed hopping around and seeing everyone 'spike' designs - super fun to say the least!

Both of your designs are

Both of your designs are really super, but that necklace is AMAZING!! I really, really love it. There's just something about the spikes and your bits of miscellanea that really capture my attention and my heart. Awesome job!

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