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It's been quite a few years now since I took one of Thomas Mann's first Sandwich Brooch workshops in Portland.  We all got more than we'd signed up for with not only a very cool class project using our own images and found objects, but excellent business advice and someone who cared that we learn how to use tools the right way so we could continue to create for many years.

A pet peeve of mine are workshops that do not cover safety.  It's not just the chemicals and powders we're dealing with, but how to hold and use our tools and sit properly to avoid injury.

I've always loved Thomas' work and hoped that he'd put out a book to share some of his extensive knowledge in the jewelry business.  His latest book is hopefully the start of a series, as the sub title of Demystifying the Jeweler's Saw may hint.

Proper posture, holding of the saw and the description of how your whole body works with the saw are up first before any projects are covered.  But one of my favorite things about the book are the gallery shots throughout of different metalsmiths' bench pins:  the patina and gauges they gain and what their saw and bench pin mean to the artists featured.  I'd buy the book just for them!  However, it's more than that for sure.  He shows how your saw can be used on just about any material from metal to plastic to wood and has simple projects to delay any procrastination in trying them.

If you love to saw or want to love to saw I recommend this book for your library.


That has got to be one of the

That has got to be one of the coolest metal brooches I have ever seen! Simply stunning!

Thank you!In Thomas' workshop

Thank you!In Thomas' workshop we were given copper sheet, plexi-glass and some bolts. We were asked to bring a photo and found objects. She just came together and it would be serendipity if her name really was Beulah! She's a "found relative" so I have no idea who the beautiful lady is.

I never used a saw when I was

I never used a saw when I was making jewelry, but welding is something I always wanted to learn. Maybe one day, when I start up making jewelry again. {:-D

I just lost my entire long

I just lost my entire long winded big comment I sent from my phone. lol I'll start again in a shortened version.Thank you for your recent visit to my blog, as well as taking time to leave your comments. As you know, often comments encourage the writer to keep on keeping on when they sometimes wonder if their is an audience they are sharing with. I appreciated your kindness.I enjoyed this post, and learning about your art, class you've taken and will need to check out this book in the future.As for your brooch, it's absolutely stunning. Love the patina you used on the copper, which really accents the era of the photograph of the lovely last in which you choose to use. Very cool!Be blessed and enjoy giving 'thanks' tomorrow.GretchenMimi Toria's Designs

What a great review - sounds

What a great review - sounds like a book I could certainly learn from. I'll admit I shy away from using my saw very often. It is collecting dust. :-(The sandwich pin you made is just beautiful and full of soul.Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

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