Book Review: Jewelry lab

September 08, 2011

I just received my latest jewelry technique book and it's titled "Jewelry lab"  by Melissa Manley.  

It touts "52 Experiments, Investigations, and Explorations in Metal."

Every two pages you get a new technique to try and yes, believe it or not there's enough information and great close-up photos to give them a try.  
As Melissa puts it:  " favorite students are total beginners, those to whom metal has called."  She says once you've completed all 52 labs in the book you will have finished a beginner's course in metals and jewelry.
Beginners are not going to have all the tools nor want to purchase them if they're not sure they're going to be doing the technique again.  However, if you have a friend who does have the tools and is willing to let you borrow them for a bit, I think you'll have great fun trying these processes.  
Although I've done most of these labs in a class environment I appreciate having a reminder of what I'm capable of doing!  I was surprised to find that even a technique I'd learned at Artfest this past Spring was featured.  I too had created jewelry components rather than a sculpture from hog casings, but the response I got from my family and friends convinced me no one would want to wear them.  Maybe I was wrong!?


There are two other Lab series books by Quarry that interest me and will likely challenge me.  I'm going to order and give them a try.  I'll report back on my findings!