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Sandals - Millifiore, vintage mother of pearl, glass; Sterling Silver

When does a blue bracelet bring hope?  When it raises awareness for 7,000 different rare diseases that impact 1 in 10 people, 30 million Americans and 350 million globally.

As a former participant in the Global Genes Project's awareness drive I received an email indicating they were 40 bracelets short for this year's drive.  Due to the craziness of my schedule this past year I'd decided to wait a year before participating again.
I could not ignore her request though and found a bracelet in my collection called Sandals that I thought would answer the call.  

I designed it with vacation, beaches, and carefree days playing in the sand in mind.  Many of these families do not have time nor the extra funds to spend relaxing at the shore.  So, I am sending Sandals in to be enjoyed by a Mom who perhaps has memories of those trips or hopes that the day will come when they can take their child on a vacation where he or she can chase the surf, pick up seashells, or build a sand castle from their dreams.



What a great cause! I'm sure

What a great cause! I'm sure that they'll appreciate the donation.

This is a perfect choice

This is a perfect choice Janet, time got away from me on this one!I definitely feel hope in this bracelet!xo

A beautiful bracelet -- and a

A beautiful bracelet -- and a good cause.

What a beautiful bracelet and

What a beautiful bracelet and how generous of you to donate to such a great cause!

there is such joy in this

there is such joy in this bracelet~very playful and beachy and bright~the mom is going to love it!!!

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