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Revving up my excitement to return to my jewelry studio I'm going to be blogging like mad in April.  
I'll be Blogging from A to Z every day except Sundays.
There are quite a few that have joined this challenge.  After enjoying other blogs that have done this in the past I thought I'd give it a try.  Each day we will take a letter of the alphabet and do a blog post with that letter in mind.  For example when we're at the letter D one might blog about one's dog, diet, driving, etc.  You learn a lot about the blogger in this concentrated effort, but I'm guessing there might be some duds.  I'll be trying my darndest to avoid that development.
I've already planned a great surprise for you so you'll want to check in frequently so you don't miss it!April 1st is when this alphabetic journey begins!  Join me?


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