Blogging in the Time of Corona

April 17, 2020


I have the time.

But what do I write about?  My jewelry making and fiber work make me happy, but right now I doubt they make others happy.  (For that reason I put my shop on hold several weeks ago while we're under the Stay at Home order.  I may extend it for the rest of the year or until the economy recovers to a level that makes sense.  One can always contact me in the mean time.)

We're all going through the entire range of emotions and drives from grief, to anger, to love, to annoyance, to calmness, to boredom, to well, you get the idea.  I've heard this time being called "The Great Pause" when referencing it in a positive light.  Each week opens to no appointments or tasks required since one can put off chores until you just can't stand it any more.

Eating seems to be the only necessary drive that can really excite me.  I've been told I'm a good cook, but I think I'm getting even better as I learn to improvise and think about substitutions for ingredients.  If I were in a fun loving mood I'd amuse you with some of those choices.

But alas, I can't help thinking every day about how easy it is for me to stay home with all of my hobbies, the love of my life, plenty of food (chocolate included!,) and money in the bank to pay the bills.  I compare that with the many who are not finding this staying at home thing as cush as we are.  They've got bills to pay, faces to feed, maybe no one to talk to, and don't know when their next paycheck will arrive or they can sell product at a profit.  Not to mention those that are facing more time with an abuser in their life and even less ability to find an exit.  For the most part they are individualists so this having no control over their destiny is not sitting well.

Most of us understand what our leaders are asking of us is necessary to protect as many of our vulnerable fellow citizens as possible.  We listen to our doctors and the leaders in the medical community.  In cases where our government leaders are relying on science and health professionals we trust them as well.

If you are lucky like we are - please have empathy for those that are not so lucky.  Their world has been turned upside down and the view is bleak.

We will overcome this.  How we decide to live our lives will be tempered not only by this virus's continued existence, but also by what we learned from "The Great Pause."