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Style Award 

A blog that uses style to inspire,one that is photographically beautiful.

In the past six months I haven't had the time to do very long posts or take as many photos as I would've liked, but I guess I've done enough.  Or at least one of my blogging friends thinks so!  She's awarded me the Style Award!!

You actually met Christine in a recent gratitude post I did.  I'm sure you've found that some blogs are written by people you just wish you had as neighbors or friends.  There's a connection made over time that is real - sort of like a modern day pen pal.  I like her and with that comes trust just like with any friend.  (Want to see what I made for her?  I used a couple of the agate beads she sent me that, well... .take a look!  They dangle and swing and she says she loves them! )

Flower Pot Earrings

Flower Pot Earrings

Which brings me to Christine's recent post where she handed out blogging awards!  These are new blogging awards that her friend Cynthia, of Antiquity Travelers, put together in response to several blog awards she'd received.  Cynthia did a series of presentations and challenged her winners to hand some awards out themselves.  The generosity of sharing, paying forward, at work!

Beautiful Creatures by Antiquity Travelers

What do you do with a post that is about awards and linking to those awarded blogs?  Well, if you enjoy that blogger's posts and trust them, you should check them out!  I've found many favorite new blogs that way and in reading comments on posts I find old friends have found them, too.  The community gets stronger and closer.

Thank you so much, Christine!  I'm so honored to be listed with all of those other wonderful blogs.I'll leave you with a peek at another one of Christine's beaded bracelets. This is my favorite.. I think.

Promisesby One Kiss Creations

See the garden fence posts?


Congrats on your award...I

Congrats on your award...I agree that's your blog has style :)Love the earring you made Christine and the lovely items you featured!

Thank you for this and for

Thank you for this and for spreading the word about the Hop, and for the pictures (i love the one of cynthia's you picked!).As a child, I had a penpal from Paris. It was the highlight of my month when his letter would arrive. One day, I met him in Paris. It was so surreal and sweet to have that afternoon together, with his family and mine and my brother translating. Someday we will might not be in Paris, but it will be just as sweet :-) In the meantime, e-mails~to brighten the day~replace the long journey of airmail. Guess what I will be wearing all week?! My outfits and glasses will revolve around those beauties for a while :-D

Congrats. I love your style

Congrats. I love your style too and I adore those flower pot earrings.

Congrats! I love the earrings

Congrats! I love the earrings you made -- so cute!

Congrats! Well deserved.

Congrats! Well deserved.

Congrats! Well deserved.

Congrats! Well deserved.

Congrats on your award! and

Congrats on your award! and imagine my surprise to see one of my necklaces!! you are too sweet :) thank you

Christine - I love the

Christine - I love the thought of meeting you in Paris... oh, that's not going to happen? Actually I think we could meet anywhere, grab some chocolate, and share like old friends. Your comment reminded me of a couple pen pals I had when I was a kid. One was in Germany and the other England. I remember being totally confused and troubled by the fact that the German girl was spending so much time at the gymnasium when that was only one hour a day for me.

Cynthia - Your generosity

Cynthia - Your generosity deserves more than just a photo of one of your beautiful creations! I'm so glad to have "met" you and look forward to staying connected.

I know what you mean by the

I know what you mean by the people you meet blogging! I never thought of the pen pal description, but it's definitely apt.Congratulations!

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