The Birds and the Bees are Back Doing It

April 14, 2014

Pride of MadeiraPride of Maderia Echium fastuosum

Spring arrived early here in northern California.  Daffodils started blooming in January and our flowering plum did, too.  However, it seemed some plants and the birds and the bees weren't all that confused by the weather and stuck to their annual schedule.  Here are some shots I took over the last couple of weeks that quite pleased me, some in sunshine and others in fog.
Pride of Madeira

Bees Doing It

Calla Lilies
I was really tickled with the chestnut-backed chickadees.   They are not very afraid of me I guess because I've been putting out seed for them every winter for years.  There were two that have decided to check out the birdhouse this year which will thrill my Mom, as it does me.  She bought me the birdhouse when we were still living in Vancouver, Washington in maybe 1998.  We took a roadtrip to the Olympic Peninsula and bought it at what would become my favorite shop on the peninsula when we lived in Port Angeles:  Wild Birds Unlimited outside Sequim in Gardiner, WA.

Chickadee checking out birdhouse

"Is it going to leak?"

Chickadee checking out bird house

"Roof is lookin' good."


Chickadee checking out birdhouse


Happy Spring!