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What had me committing to a class that's ongoing for 52 weeks?!  Was it Kim's intro to her new online course Beyond Layers?  Was it my love of Kim Klassen's photos and blog?  Was it her personal "story of me" that had me thinking of the path I walked to get where I am creatively?  Was it me thinking I needed some structure among all the directions my mind wants to take me this year?  Was it me hoping to continue to improve my photos for my blog and albums?

Well, yes!  It was all those things!  I read Kim Klassen's introduction and found myself intrigued and motivated.  52 weeks is a huge commitment.  Especially for me who has gotten used to jumping here and there with my ideas and perhaps short changing my creativity and my self by not delving deeper and experimenting more.

I don't know if Kim will want to offer the class again, as it's a HUGE commitment for her as well.  But in case she does I'm going to be careful what I share, because if you're wanting to take a similar course it's a journey one should take with a qualified instructor.. and that's not me!  However, I am guessing, guessing mind you, that you'll see my creative life continue and perhaps even take me in new directions.  New directions?  Maybe, but I don't know.  We'll see.  My personal life this year is going to be very busy so the idea of having some structure and maybe even focusing more on photography when I can't be in my studio sounds doable.

It is very exciting to see SO many folks signed up for this class from around the world.  I'm imagining we are each a bonfire and if you were to look from space you'd see red spots of human energy creating a beautiful pattern of potential!


Ummm, I'm so excited that you

Ummm, I'm so excited that you are doing this - I am TOO!! Whoo Hoo

You will love the journey, I

You will love the journey, I have committed myself to painting 52 paintings this year. I know what you mean about it being a huge committment, but think how much you will have learned by the end of the year. Good Luck!

You're right. 52 weeks is a

You're right. 52 weeks is a long time. But once you get through it I imagine you will be incredibly proud of yourself for not going all over the place and getting it done! I know I would be.Have fun.

Love your blog!would you mind

Love your blog!would you mind following each other on bloglovin? :)Love,Malin @

It sounds like an interesting

It sounds like an interesting class! Best of luck!

52 weeks is definitely a big

52 weeks is definitely a big commitment, but I bet if you're learning and growing it won't feel so big after all. I'm interested in where you go with this, so please keep us posted! And I love the bonfire analogy ~ it's so pretty (and warm) in my mind... :)

I love your bonfire imagery!

I love your bonfire imagery! You have me intrigued! I wish you a wonderful creative journey!

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