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Lagotto Romagnolo

To do this post a less than desirable connection of a pig to my connection with beads had me hunting for an animal that might just make you go awwwww.
Isn't he adorable?  Their name means Lake dog from the Rome region and were originally used as waterdogs for hunting.  Due to the very high price of truffles, they've more recently been raised and trained in Italy to hunt for truffles!  One thinks of French truffles probably, but there are truffles in the United States, too.  I found this article of a guy who raises these dogs and hunts for truffles in Tennessee.  
The internet often takes you on such a circuitous path, doesn't it?  It does me as I find so many subjects interesting.
Anyway, it wasn't the internet at all that led me to a brand new bead shop.  Yes, a brick and mortar, beads of the tempting kind, with a friendly enthusiastic owner kind of bead shop!

Painted tagua nuts

Painted Tagua nuts from the Philippines

Glass beads

Recycled glass beads from Guyana (light blue in foreground)

Jasper and glass beads

Cool Jasper, resin crosses and glass rectangles

I was driving to an appointment and saw this flag with the words "beads" on it waving in the wind.  I thought to myself, self, you must stop there on the way back.  And that I did.  Look above at the fun beads I purchased!  I fell in love with the painted nut beads from the Philippines, matte tone of the jasper beads and the color of the resin crosses.  She has tools, too, which I was tough on myself and only bought a hand held jump ring cutting tool.  Next time I may take it easier.  
If you doggedly search out beads shops when you travel and find yourself in the Coeur d'Alene or Spokane area you'll want to drive to The Beadtender and meet Sande.  It's so easy to find, because it's right on the north/south route of Highway 95.


That article was great! Dogs

That article was great! Dogs hunting 200 lbs of truffles...I wonder what the menu at Blackberry Farm looks like?! The painted nut beads are gorgeous! You must have been in BeadHeaven that day :-)

Love the name of her shop, so

Love the name of her shop, so clever! I don't have any good bead shops close by, but I have enough to last me an eternity at this point!

LOL...I like the connection

LOL...I like the connection with the dog better than the one with the pig :)Isn't it fun finding little shops like this on a whim! Great buys, can't wait to see what you make with them!

Very fun! You sure found

Very fun! You sure found some beautiful beads!

beads are crack! lol... i

beads are crack! lol... i cannot resist a bead shop. :)

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