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Light rail in Belgrade, Serbia

If you've just found my blog, because of my participation in the Blogging from A to Z challenge then I just want to let you know that this post is also part of a travelogue I'm doing on the Budapest to Bucharest Danube cruise we took a few years ago.  You can get caught up or just catch some of the stops by reading the other posts here.

Also... I will be doing a fun giveaway in April, but you'll want to check back and read my A-Z posts to not miss when to enter.  Read more about it here in this post.

After leaving Novi Sad we traveled further down the Danube to Belgrade, Serbia.  This is Serbia's largest city and it felt like it in terms of traffic as well as the size and modern styles of the buildings.  However there are at least a couple of places that you do not want to miss for historical purposes.  This post will feature the Kalemegdan Fortress and a stop in the heart of Old Town, Belgrade.  Next post will be a visit to the Tito museum and additional architecture.

We got caught in a rain storm as we toured the Kalemegdan Fortress, but our tour guide made it terribly interesting so we didn't mind walking in it even though we didn't bring an umbrella.   It is the oldest area of Serbia and in fact dates back to 3rd century BC!  Apparently only in modern times did the residents start building and living outside the fortress.  This land, like many places in Europe, changed hands numerous times in wars and the fortress was always used and repaired after it was damaged.  The locals today use it as a green space or park for picnics and relaxing.


Kalemegdan Fortress, Belgrade, Serbia

Old cart in Kalmegdan Fortress, Belgrade, Serbia

One of many park areas within the FortressSome of you may not realize that basketball is a big sport in Europe.  It's probably the 2nd most popular sport in Serbia that thrives on team sports like football (soccer to us.)  I imagine some of their stars played on these outside courts at the fortress in their youth.


Basketball Courts in Kalemegdan Fortress, Belgrade, Serbia

You can see how well this acted as a fortress when you see this thick earthen wall and iron gate.  The iron gates were impressive and the metalworker in me had to stop and admire them.


Kalemegdan Fortress, Belgrade, Serbia
Gate at Kalemegdan Fortress, Belgrade, Serbia
After getting a little chilled from the rain we were taken to the heart of Old Town Belgrade, a pedestrian only street!,...
Pedestrian only street, Old Town Belgrade, Serbia
... and the Hotel Majestic for a hot drink (or not!) and a concert put on by our tour guide who also happened to be an amazing pianist.
The Majestic, Belgrade, Serbia
Serbian beer
Piano player inside The Majestic, Belgrade, Serbia
Come back for more photos from our stop in Belgrade later this week.


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