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Tuscan inspired beadwork necklace

photo courtesy of Wikipedia (public domain)

Capriccio Padovano, 1741
by Bernardo Bellatto
Oil on Canvas
19.3" x 28.7" (49 x 73 cm)
This oil painting by Bellatto is so warm, peaceful, and inviting.  I'd love to just step into it.  It's Art Bead Scene's May Challenge inspiration.
I pulled a lot of art beads out that would've worked to not only bring in the colors represented, but for the mood and antiquity feel to it as well.  However, I decided to focus on the buildings and bridge lit by the warm sunshine of Italy.  So here's the simply elegant artisan necklace I was inspired to create:
Italian Inspired Statement necklace
I purchased Vicki Lee's focal lampwork bead many moons ago.  It has shades of brown, cream, sage, and the texture and color of the fine silver she sifted on to the hot glass.  I did some beadweaving in a spiral stitch to create the arch that hangs below the art glass bead.  
I was inspired by what Bellatto created when he painted the reflection of the bridge arches.  He created a portal to what could possibly come beyond that bridge.  Bellatto grew up in Venice and something I found to be so much fun about Venice is that it's as much a walking city as a boating city.  Taking a day or two to just go exploring and getting lost up the myriad alleyways while admiring the colors, sounds, architecture and uniqueness of Venice is something I'd like to repeat some day.
I hope to do more of the ABS Challenges this summer.  I wonder what painting or artwork ABS will select for June....


Your piece is a great

Your piece is a great representation of the paining. Perfect colors and vintage feel and I love how you drew upon the archways :)

Thanks! :-)

Thanks! :-)

Your inspiration is clear

Your inspiration is clear when seeing your necklace and the painting next to one another. And the necklace is gorgeous! Not too busy, lovely, earthy colors, and the arch is the right touch to really make it a perfect piece.

Necklace and painting both

Necklace and painting both have a very good concept.also colors used in different combination too make it a perfect piece.Good job.RatnasagarjewelsRatna Sager is a family operated business group which made its entrance in world of jewels eleven years back in 2002.

lovely piece! wonderful

lovely piece! wonderful earthy colors like the painting.

Really beautiful piece Janet!

Really beautiful piece Janet! I must have missed this post, but so glad I stopped by! that would be such a wonderful time to just get lost exploring the city - hope to do that some day

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