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Yeah, I think so.
granny boots
I sure loved wearing mine, but these days I prefer boots I don't have to lace up.  They also are cutest with dresses or skirts anyway and I don't find myself wearing either all that much anymore, at least in the winter.  They remind me of when I worked in an office environment.  Although I loved it when I was doing it I do not miss the alarm clock nor the deciding what to wear.
Some of you may have wondered where my posts have been.  Well, my focus has been more on living than writing.
This past year I was hit up side of the head, or more accurately my hip, about my age.  For several years I told myself the pain I'd feel in my right hip doing some yoga poses or sitting cross-legged was just something I had to put up with getting older.  Then a year ago my leg started popping out of its socket creating a sudden weakness and pain before popping back in.  Not good.  During my annual physical I decided maybe I should bring it up.  I am so glad I did!  I will never tell myself again that pain is a given when getting older.
The realization was that many years of just doing aerobic activity was not enough.  My muscles had gotten weak to the point of no longer protecting me from injury.  In a very short amount of time I stopped the popping with strength and stretching exercises.  Pilates and regular massage are my present and future and something I actually look forward to every week.
So what to do with these boots whose name speaks of age?  They're getting donated in case there is some young lady that would like them, because they're not done making someone feel special.  
However, my favorite lace-up boots will stay in my closet for awhile longer.  They're a tall brown pair I found at Bon Marche in Paris on my husband's and my first visit many years ago.  They are so well made and the only thing I bought in Paris!  They're staying, because I see romance in them:  the romance my husband and I share, as well as the romance of where these boots have stomped.
French Granny Boots
For me I was too old to wear granny boots when I realized I could be called a granny.  Yikes!  That ain't going to happen!


Hi Janet,Well I am glad that

Hi Janet,Well I am glad that you were able to find out what to do about the pain in your hip. I have my own aches and pains that I deal with, mine are my right hand and my right knee. Never owned a pair of the lace up boot although I do think they are neat.Therese

i am not sure i can ever part

i am not sure i can ever part with my 3 pair of Granny boots ~ i love them so much. my daughter recently found out she can fit into mine and is hoping i will be generous with her. those Parisian ones are definite keepers! and whoever is fortunate enough to get the rest will certainly enjoy them. here's to better health and no pain for you!!!

I'm so glad your hip is

I'm so glad your hip is getting the attention it needs and you are feeling better.As far as the granny boots, I love them too and will wear them for a little while longer myself. I just got a new pair this winter so. . . there's that. And the Paris boots, yeah those sound like they're worth holding on to.

I'm glad to see you're

I'm glad to see you're keeping your favorite pair :)And I hope your hip is feeling better!

Yup, I had a beige pair as a

Yup, I had a beige pair as a teenager. I have a grey suede-y leather pair now that go with almost everything! They don't look like granny shoes at all. The laces are a little bothersome.It is really weird getting older in this respect. I have had some odd issues creep up on me and I've been going to an acupuncturist and he's really helping me. It's almost like the muscles and circulation I took for granted has come to a chugging speed and I have had to reassess what my body needs. OK, I'll do it but I don't have to like it.I'm glad your scare was something that could be fixed.Catherine

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