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Honey from the Bee Artisan Jewelry booth.

Tomorrow I'll be hopefully standing for hours meeting new fans and remembering pieces the returning fans purchased before.  The anticipation of an art show is a mixture of excitement with a good measure of fear thrown in.  Fear of no one coming.  Fear that this time everyone will just walk on by, as I polish and rearrange pieces of my heart in hopes that a color, a sparkle, something will draw in a soul mate of sorts.  Hoping that my "honey" will create an artisan connection.For a few weeks now I've been feeding on the excitement, creating some new seasonal earrings and a bracelet or two.  Those that don't sell will pop up in one or two of my online shops for those that aren't able to make it to my corner of the world.  And that's quite a few!

Honey from the Bee Artisan Jewelry show tent.

I have found that I get a real boost from showing at an Art Show.  Not only from meeting other artists and seeing their work, but also from listening and visiting with folks that stop by my booth.  I find myself anxious to return to my studio to capture again that passion I feel for my work.There's an old saying that if you don't feel nervous, you don't care enough or won't do your best.  I guess I'm on the right track.Hope to see you on Saturday at the Opulent Art Show at the Cutting Garden in Sequim!  Please introduce yourself!  I'm looking forward to meeting you.


I wish I could be there! Have

I wish I could be there! Have a good time!!! Go "Honey!!!"

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