Another Blog Award!: Tell Me About Yourself

November 12, 2011

Did someone just make this up?  It wasn't me.  Although when I received it from Gloria of New End Studio and saw the cute bee I thought for a very split second that she'd created it just for me.  LOL!

Most folks read blog posts and don't ever leave a comment.  I know I visit way more posts than I comment on and it doesn't mean the post wasn't interesting or beautiful.  To receive any blog award is thrilling, because it means someone out there is not only reading your posts but feels they're worthy of sharing!  Thank you Gloria for the shout out!  You'll want to check out her blog, too, because she's a dog lover like many of my followers and that means she's a smart, warm and really good person.  Haven't you noticed that about "dog people?"

The rules say I have to tell 7 things about me.  I managed to come up with a list with the last award and thought there was no way I could come up with 7 more.  I'll give it a try though.

  1. I played clarinet for 7 years while in school and worked my way to first chair.  I've not played an instrument since.
  2. I've lived in 3 east coast states and 2 west coast states, changing states 7 times.
  3. When I was 7 we moved from the northeast to the south.  Y'all know my family from NY teased my brothers and I over our acquired accent!
  4. I have 7 cousins.
  5. We had 7 dogs growing up on the farm in Virginia.
  6. Currently I have 7 siblings including my in-laws.  (Whew, I didn't think I was going to find another 7!)
  7. and.... I graduated from high school in 1977!
There's no requirement for making it about 7's.  I just thought it would be a fun challenge.  It makes me wonder if I could do it with any number.
There is another requirement to share 15 blogs with my readers.  That's easy.
  1. Vickie Hallmark - glass, fiber, metal... her adorable birds
  2. Jane LaFazio - daily inspiration - watercolor, embroidery, sewing
  3. Design Seeds - for those who love color
  4. Kerri - A Little Piece of Me - The name of her blog drew me in... her photos and quotes keep me coming back.
  5. That is Priceless - any time you want to look at great art and also need a laugh
  6. Design Swan - amazing art and design finds
  7. Birgitte Hendricks - Sew Danish - I want her to blog more frequently!  Her blog posts like her work are gorgeous simplicity.
  8. Queen of Arts - love her use of color in her paintings; her poetry; her light
  9. Michael DeMeng - Who doesn't love him?  Love the darkness, the depth of his assemblog art work, his openness, his clases
  10. Rebeca Trevino - assemblog art work; some takes my breath away
  11. Robin Maria Pedrero - colorful paintings that are more than the sum of their parts
  12. Green Muze - featuring green ideas and innovations, but I usually check out the art tab
  13. Joe - Manhandled Threads - love how she shows where her inspiration comes from and her use of mixed media in her fabric and thread pieces of art
  14. Objects and Elements - detailed pictures along with fun tutorials for using metal and found objects
  15. Erin - Treasures Found - incredibly rich modern jewelry with layers of history
I hope you'll check some of these out.  I think they'll enrich your coffee or chocolate break!