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Royston Turquoise(natural from Nevada)

I think other jewelers must feel the same as I do right now.  I'm in love with my latest piece.  Yep, it's my favorite.  I am fickle so the next one I create may push this one aside, but I think it's going to be awhile. 
Last April I drew the pendant concept.
When I started working on it I decided to go with the original shape, but make some adjustments.
Turns out designing the pendant was the easy part.  I had the toughest time deciding what to use as the necklace part.  I originally thought I'd create a chain, but that would've added to the expense of the pendant by quite a bit.  It being American turquoise from the Royston mines in Nevada was already going to make it special.
I had some very cool chain that wasn't sterling silver... also thought about all leather.
I slept on it.  Then my muse spoke to me and wow was she ever right!

Turquoise and Silver Artisan Necklace

American Beauty - SOLD

Royston Turquoise, Sterling Silver, leather

I love how the leather picks up the brown in the turquoise matrix and also adds a feminine touch.
I almost forced it the previous afternoon to finish it and am so glad I stopped myself.
Listen to your heart, your gut, your muse... whatever you call your inner voice.  That's when the magic happens. 




This piece is gorgeous. Love

This piece is gorgeous. Love that stone and your metal work and the leather is just the finishing touch. Very special piece.

I love the settings you've

I love the settings you've created for your latest pieces! And the small amount of leather here is so perfect! It really draws on the colors of the stone!

really beautiful piece Janet!

really beautiful piece Janet! love how the leather picks up the pattern in the stone and it does soften it a bit .... what a gorgeous necklace!

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