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I think all of us have had problems with GFC (Google Friend Connect) showing up consistently on our Blogger blogs.  Considering the scope of Google's tools and the way they are hooking everything together I'm actually surprised to hear the rumor out there that GFC may go away from Blogger blogs.  As I think everyone knows by now it's official that it's going to be gone from non-Blogger blogs very soon.

Rather than wait to find out if it's true I'm jumping on the new Free tool put out by Linky Tools called LinkyFollowers so that those who want to hook up publicly can without using GFC.So, if you'd like to make sure you don't lose the blogs you're following through GFC or just want an independent great tool for managing your blog reading, take the time now to click on the "follow me" link below.  In the future you'll find it in the sidebar of my blog.It's still in beta so they'll be making tweaks and adding new tools, but it's already got a nice interface from their Dashboard.  You can categorize blogs you follow, indicate whether they're favorites or just general watch, and hopefully in the near future it will update the latest post date.  Right now the latter has to be done manually by the blogger and I just don't see that happening.  It should be done automatically.  They're saying it just takes too much computer power to do so.  Perhaps that will be a paid feature in the future?They want feedback and ideas to make their tool better and my experience with this company so far is that they're way more responsive than Google.  Size matters.


Update 2/11/2015 - I no longer use LinkyFollowers.  You can find different ways to follow me in left column - BlogLovin', RSS feed, etc.


OK, so I see where you can

OK, so I see where you can use this for others to join your site, but, if I'm reading right, you can also use it for the blogs you follow...? If so, do you have to go back in and add them or is that magically done for you?

Alice - good question.

Alice - good question. Unfortunately there's no tool that will quickly do this for you, but you go to the Dashboard and click on "Your Private BlogRoll." You enter the blogs you follow by clicking "new" and entering the information.

It sounds like a good

It sounds like a good resource. Thanks!

sounds like a lot of entering

sounds like a lot of entering of info. I don't use my Google Friend for much, except to see numbers. But I don't like the idea of loosing all those non-blogger people. And it looks like if another person what to join your "Follow Me", they have to become members of Linky Followers.... I'm becoming a friend to your blog! {:-D

It is frustrating to loose my

It is frustrating to loose my followers via GFC but I had been warned by a marketer to not use it in the first place. I wish I had listened.My experience with the linky company is that we will be asked to pay down the line--it is what they did with Linky Tools and I did not like how it was done. But I have signed up and will focus on my RSS feed and newsletter sign-up. Don't you feel like there is a lot of stuff on the dashboard? :)

Personally I haven't had

Personally I haven't had trouble with GFC, so I wasn't sure why this has become an issue. Perhaps others have had trouble and I've just been lucky. Anyway, I just became a follower. :)

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