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29 faces


I always intend to practice sketching more than I do.  I belong to a closed Facebook group where we encourage each other to do just that.

While wasting time on the internet over the weekend I found that there was an international art challenge going on for the month of February to draw faces.  Now that's a challenge, as anyone knows that has tried to draw faces.

So, I posted the challenge to the Facebook group and some of us decided to go for it.  It's only embarrassing if I let it be embarrassing, right?

29 Faces Art Challenge


So, here's my first go.  I drew from a photo of my Mom that was taken at my younger brothers' wedding.  Suffice it to say she's much prettier than this sketch would suggest, but I'm happy with it as a first go.  My critique is that she's more feminine in the photo and less angular.  

I think I'll try again at the end of the month to see if the sketching practice actually improves!

Please join me as I attempt to improve my face sketching skills!



Looking forward to see your

Looking forward to see your sketches! :oD


Aw, thank you! I'm hoping to learn a lot from practice and looking at the other blog participants.

You are really taking on

You are really taking on quite the challenge. Whenever I draw or paint I stick to abstract because I just can't. The face is a huge thing to conquer. This is beautiful! I am eager to see you progress with these 29 Faces.

oh you!

You are sweet! I admire artists that can draw the human form so much. I also really like the sort of animated forms and how artists seem to develop their own style. I would love to discover my own style of drawing, but I think I definitely will have to keep at it. I'm thinking of ways to make this part of my every day - not just faces, but sketching. Maybe use it as a warm up to the day I should take my sketch pad to a quiet place and see where it leads me?

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