Whimsical Fishing Necklace

Whimsical Fishing Necklace
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Sterling silver necklace that honors the fisherwoman or fisherman in your life!  I've called it Worst Day Fishing which you all that love to fish have your own finish to that quote.  

This piece was a joy to make.  Once I coupled the storm cloud druzy with the unusual Tiffany stone it was just a matter of gathering the remaining charms to finish the necklace's story.  Can you believe that Tiffany stone?!  It's completely natural and I've left the back open to attest to that fact.

I'm imagining this as a fisherwoman's talisman, but it could also be a great gift for the woman who isn't fond of fishing, but knows how much it means to her partner.


* Druzy from Brazil - sparkles like crazy!

* Tiffany Stone - although you often see this stone in shades of purple this one has a picture nature created.  Kudos to the lapidarist!

* pewter vintage Monopoly boot - this game token has been retired by the Monopoly game manufacturers

* sterling silver

* sterling silver salmon charm dangles off the back - the one that got away or the one yet to be caught!

* 18" sterling silver chain

Pendant is just over 3.5 inches long by 1 3/8" wide.