Vintage Brass and Red Poppy Necklace

Vintage Brass and Red Poppy Necklace
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Using another vintage buckle in my collection, I created this Red Poppy Necklace I call Shelter.  It reminded me of a shield, something that protects us from harm.

One of my Poppy series of necklaces, this one-of-a-kind piece sits just below your collar bone.  About 17" around.

Components include:

Lampwork by Beads by Katie - red poppy

vintage brass buckle

Antiqued brass chain

vintage brass button


I used the brass button and some waxed Irish Linen to tie and cushion the amazing red poppy lampwork.  

You may just love floral jewelry, but if you have a special memorial reason for buying a red poppy necklace of mine I am honored to have created it for you.  This necklace would also make a very thoughtful gift.

This necklace will look perfect for day into evening.