Vineyard Loving Brooch

Vineyard Loving Brooch
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Incredibly unusual and beautiful Grape Agate heart is the focal of this wine lover's brooch.

I have several pieces of grape agate I've collected and this is the first piece of jewelry I've created from them. I'm in love! This is a one of a kind piece for a very special person.


* Grape Agate - botryoidal form of chalcedony found in Manakarra on the Sulawesi Island of Indonesia

* Sterling Silver casting of a piece of grapevine

* Sterling Silver

* brass and nickel tie tac pins

I decided to use tie tac style brooch findings for stability rather than a pin back. They're easy to use through any kind of fabric.

The brooch measures 3 x 2.25 inches from the outer edges of the piece.