Victorian Popper - Mixed Media Pendant

Victorian Popper - Mixed Media Pendant
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Fun mixed media pendant!

Fishing is my husband's passion. My favorite part of his passion is collecting vintage lures. He gifted some to me to get me started. This Hula Popper being one of them. I think he's or she's adorable!

I actually started working on the pendant a number of years ago to be included in a Zine published by Catherine Witherell and Deryn Mentock

There was something about it that just never totally clicked so I set it aside and this year I decided to work it out. I love it!


  • Vintage fishing lure
  • Antique Victorian buckle (1/2)
  • lampwork by Alisha White
  • Cultured sea glass
  • glass
  • black chain

27" chain. Pendant is 5.75" long from the chain.