Talisman Necklace

Talisman Necklace
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This warm artisan necklace of amber and green can mean a lot of different things based on the internal reaction you feel when viewing it. I thought of the light that is still remaining that brings us hope. I thought of our poor earth and how we hopefully still have time to be better stewards. It's the soul that exists in all of us that must do better.


  • Ceramic cabochon by Lisa Peters Russ
  • Carved bone charm
  • Lampwork by StudioJuls and Bluhealer
  • Vintage sew-on brass pieces that have the 8 pointed star that represents Beginnings
  • Bronze colored chain with lobster claw clasp

Adjustable from 18.5-20 inches

Pendant falls about 3 1/4 inches from the chain to the charming feet.