Sterling Silver and Porcelain Jasper pendant

Sterling Silver and Porcelain Jasper pendant
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Sterling Silver fish and gemstone pendant that is sure to be a Fisherwoman's Talisman.

This is the first in a series of pendants and necklaces that are inspired by our National Parks.  This one is called Olympic National Park.  The Olympic National Park is the closest I've lived to one.  When we lived on the Olympic Peninsula we saw the snow covered peaks from our front yard.  The Elwha River runs through the park and exits in to the Salish Sea about 1 mile from our former home.  Two dams were removed on the Elwha which we got to watch and then go back and see the recovery.  It was amazing to see salmon and other anadromous fish swim up river past where the dams had been for 100 years.  Their dna still told them where they'd come from.


* Porcelain Jasper - such a unique cabochon with an image of a swimming fish on it!

* Sterling silver fish - cast by Danny Wade

* sterling silver

* 18" sterling silver chain that's been given a patina to bring out its texture.

Pendant is about 3.25 inches from top of chain bail to bottom of dangling gemstone charm.