Stardust - Oolitic Marble earrings

Stardust - Oolitic Marble earrings
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Brass, black and silver statement earrings!

"We are stardust, in the highest exalted way,

Called by the universe, reaching out, to the universe,

We are stardust, in the highest exalted way,

Reaching out, to the universe, with these methods and tools of science,

Stand in the middle and enjoy everything both ways,

The tininess of us, the enormity of the universe,.." John Boswell


- Oolitic Marble - gorgeous orbs of black and mustard in a sea of grey

- Antique steel button

- Antique brass Art Nouveau swirl

- set in sterling silver

- sterling silver earwire

These dangle 3 1/8" from the top of the earwire to the bottom of the teardrops.