Poppy Medallion - Filigree Red Poppy Necklace

Poppy Medallion - Filigree Red Poppy Necklace
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This Victorian inspired Poppy necklace is one of two one-of-a-kind necklaces I created for 2015 to honor veterans and their families.

Stunning Red poppies are created by Beads by Katie in a deep red glass with petals that reach out into three dimensions.

I've mounted the poppy onto a brass filigree and part of a vintage buckle in my collection.  After removing pieces of the buckle I didn't want, I buffed it and gave it a patina to complement the piece.  The buckle piece is vintage so I do not know what it is made of so just in case it contains nickel, I've made this one tunic length so that it sits on the outside of your clothes.

Dangling from the medallion is an antique Victorian mourning button engraved subtly with stars and stripes.  I've placed two sterling silver beads on either side of it.

The vintage brass chain has a wonderful rosy patina.

This necklace is tunic length, about 30 inches of vintage chain.  The medallion is about 2.75 inches from the top to the bottom of the button.

Whether you're just in love with poppies or have a special veteran you would like to honor, you'll love this feminine necklace year round.  Imagine wearing it over crisp white or black.