Phoenix Rising Statement Necklace

Phoenix Rising Statement Necklace
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An exquisite Plume Agate is a burning flame below the cool fun lampwork cabochon of one escaping the flames.

A celebration of survival.  A rising from the ashes.  Feeling a singe on one's butt, but knowing the fire is behind you.  Scars will remain, but they're nothing but part of your story.


* Plume Agate from Wingate Pass in Death Valley, CA - rare find, but even more so of this quality - cut by Robert Roberts
* glass cabochon by Mikelene Reusse
* Reticulated silver at top of Plume Agate - by me!
* Sterling Silver
* copper flame trim

I'm including a 20inch 3mm sterling silver rope chain at my cost. (see in last photo)

Pendant hangs 4 3/8" long