Magpie Statement necklace set

Magpie Statement necklace set
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I'm a bit of a magpie, one that collects small objects, as those that know me will attest. It's definitely genetic on both sides of my family. However I do let them go when I can give them new life in either jewelry or mixed media artworks.

This artisan statement necklace set is pretty much a joyful celebration of that tendency in so many of us.  Collecting is so much fun.  Perusing our treasures is another special joy.  Finding a place for them is the best feeling for me!  Makes the hunt and the storage all worth it.

28 inch length


Magpie in the garden Lampwork focal by Manuela Wutschke - a master lampwork artist that lives in Germany. I love her joyful beads in both color and subject.
3 lampwork beads by Amber Ballard of That Bead Girl (not sure she's making beads any more, but the ones I've purchased are exquisite)
additional small lampwork beads by various artists
Czech glass
vintage crystal
Swarovski crystal
vintage jet glass button

Earrings are a combination of lampwork by a couple of artists and enameled brass beads by me! These are about 1.75 inches from the top of the earwire to the bottom of the enameled bead.