Lucky Stars - Imperial Jasper earrings

Lucky Stars - Imperial Jasper earrings
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This pair of boho chic earrings are perhaps bold, but definitely feminine.  In a leather and lace western kind of way.  Does it drive anyone else crazy to see horseshoes upside down? Having grown up in horse country one knows you never put a horseshoe on your barn wall with the opening facing down! Why? All your luck runs out!

I've started working with my antique buttons again.  This time I'm pairing them with uniquely beautiful stones so that they both shine.  To maintain the integrity of the antique buttons I had to find a way to capture them without damaging them or altering them.  In other words shank buttons still maintain their shanks.


- Imperial Jasper - mauve and cream

- Antique mother of pearl buttons with brass stars, and steel cut centers - the mother of pearl has a rosy mauvy hue.

- Sterling Silver settings

- Sterling silver lever backs

These hang 2 3/8" from the top of the ear post to the bottom of the stone dangle.