Lavender Gemstone Pendant

Lavender Gemstone Pendant
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An explosion of lavender in this sterling silver gemstone necklace! 

This is 3rd in my series of National Park inspired necklaces.  This one is inspired by Glacier National Park in Montana which actually extends into British Columbia, Canada.  The contrast of wildflowers after a long white winter is one of nature's show of endurance.  The Silky Phacelia wildflower is one that many never see as it only grows above 7000 feet where the temperatures get cold enough to germinate the seeds.  


* Charoite - rare, only found in Siberia, Russia

* Amethyst crystal slice

* sterling silver

* 20" sterling silver chain

Pendant is 3 7/8" from the top of the bail to the bottom of the charoite dangle.