Lapis Lazuli Feather Earrings

Lapis Lazuli Feather Earrings
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Do you feel like you're often flying blind?  We are you know.  We try to control our days, but change and surprises are around every corner.  Might as well kick up your heels and enjoy the flight!  

The black glass buttons with a plant (looks like an iris to me) design are from the Victorian era and were handmade in molds from black glass.  Due to their handmade nature they are of varying thickness.  Although I have quite a few buttons stored in jars and am always looking for mroe, I love when I find a jewelry piece to include them in so they fly once again.  Black glass buttons were very popular during the Victorian era due to Queen Victoria's mourning of her Prince Albert.  Black become very much in vogue.


* Antique Black glass buttons with design in intaglio

* carved lapis lazuli

* sterling silver

These beauties dangle 3.75" from the top of the earwires to the bottom of the lapis dangles.