Fireworks lampwork and gemstone earrings

Fireworks lampwork and gemstone earrings
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Colorful lampwork and special Chohua Jasper paddle drops explode as a statement on your ears!  When I matched these up all I could think of was fireworks with the anticipation as you see the trail from the ground and the awwww as you see the colors and patterns explode.  I'm ambivalent about them as I dislike the fear they incite in animals and people alike, but the tradition and beauty is hard to deny.  At least you can wear these with joy.


* lampwork by Meital Plotnik

* Chohua Jasper

* bronze and copper

* niobium earwires (hypoallergenic)

These statement earrings dangle 3 5/8" from the top of the earwire to the bottom of the jasper dangle.